Launching Bosspac

Only a year ago we had a goal: to make staying on the right track with government agencies and paying taxes affordable for self-employed people, freelancers, contractors, and sole traders.

We’ve talked with self-employed people for hundreds of hours (and we drank a lot of coffee together with you). We learnt that every third self-employed person receives “surprise” bills from government agencies and their businesses fail within 2 years. People find it hard not only to navigate but to understand and meet their government obligations.

Most people we spoke with don’t know how to get started, don’t know what they don’t know, don’t know what payments need to be made to agencies, and spend a significant portion of their income on accountants and accounting software.

Bosspac changes this by providing the self-employed with an online solution to help them keep on top of their business obligations.

We’re really excited as we launch Bosspac beta to the first group of customers. If you have signed up already, you should receive your invite very soon. If you haven’t signed up, yet – you can register here.

One of the first paper prototypes of Bosspac

What’s Bosspac Beta?

If you’ve got the access to Bosspac Beta, congratulations, you are among the first ones to use Bosspac outside of Bosspac!

Before launching Bosspac to the big world, Beta gives us the chance to gain customer input. It is very valuable for us because it comes from the people who actually use Bosspac and allows us to make improvements together with our customers.

We launch Beta because we want to make it better for you – and to do this, we need your valuable input.

The latest version of Bosspac

What can I do in the Bosspac Beta?

Beta customers will be able to create invoices and enter income and business expenses. Based on this information, Bosspac does everything else for you – calculates your tax and ACC levy obligations and prepares information for your IRD return submission. Bosspac also helps you make the right choices – should you be a Sole Trader or a company, GST- registered or not, etc.

At first, people set up their profile by answering a few guided questions. Then, Bosspac gives you guided tasks to complete so that you are on the right track with self-employment.

From there, you create invoices, enter your business income and expenses, and income from all sources (including income from your salaried job). This gives enough information for Bosspac to calculate how much and when to pay IRD and ACC and prepare information for IRD returns.

Bosspac is accessible through a browser like a website. This means that there is no need for you to download the solution.

Development of Bosspac

Contracting made easy

If you are new to self-employment, Bosspac is a great way for you to make sure you are on the right track from the start. If you’ve been self-employed for some time, Bosspac will give you the peace of mind that you are in control of your future payments and returns. We make sure Bosspac guides you through everything you need to do at the right time.

Bosspac is also made for you if self-employment is just your side gig.

We’ve done our best to make the platform very simple, really easy to use and understand.

Bosspac is not an accountant or tax advisor; we simply offer you guidance to meet your obligations.

First wireframes of Bosspac

We really want to do more for you so that being self-employed is as simple as breathing air… To make it happen, government agencies are really interested in what Bosspac is doing right now. How about us sending your IRD returns straight to IRD or making the payments for you? Let us know your thoughts. We’ll keep you updated on any future improvements.

What’s coming up next?

Your input will help us make Bosspac better. We’ll shape the platform around the client insights and continue to make self-employment headache-free.

We’re so excited to make self-employment simple and affordable for everyone! Join us, save yourself headaches and help us make the platform just for you.

Are you self-employed? Bosspac makes it easy for you to take control of your government obligations. We’ve just launched our public beta. Keen to join? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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