Our Mission

We want self-employed people, irrespective of income, to have effortless dealings with the government agencies.

We are alumni of Better for Business Accelerator.

Our Team



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lelde co-founded Bosspac in 2017 and loves using data to tackle challenging problems. In addition to setting the vision and direction for Bosspac, she is very close to the customers and loves hearing all your wonderful and sometimes also heartbreaking stories. Lelde and the team focuses on Bosspac’s reach and growth so we can make a meaningful difference for more self-employed Kiwis.



Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

John has a healthy obsession with all things digital. He strongly believes in the intersection of design and technology. John constantly explores and prototypes new ideas and will use any chance to make Bosspac better and easier for its customers. John holds an MBA degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You may catch him reading about rockets or chasing yellow tennis balls.

Our partners

Bosspac came out of Better for Business Accelerator and wants to thank the following organisations for their support


From the blog

ACC levies #2 – Tips for the Self-Employed

ACC levies #2 – Tips for the Self-Employed Understanding your invoice ACC is doing a great job to show what they are charging for, in their ACC levy invoices. As a result, the invoice can be a bit confusing. It is important to understand the invoice and double check that it has been calculated correctly…

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ACC levies #1 – Tips for the Self-Employed

ACC levies #1 – Tips for the Self-Employed What are ACC levies? ACC levies help to fund injury claims and cover injuries that happen at work, at home or while doing everyday activities. The levies are used to: pay for up to 80% of your earnings if there is an injury that ACC covers and you…

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Sleep Well #3: Kiwisaver Tips for the Self-Employed

Sleep Well #3: KiwiSaver Tips for the Self-Employed KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help you with your saving for retirement. KiwiSaver is for everyone – you can be self-employed and still make your own contributions. Voluntary contributions KiwiSaver is very flexible if you’re self-employed. And if you don’t receive payments that you…

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Launching Bosspac

Launching Bosspac Only a year ago we had a goal: to make staying on the right track with government agencies and paying taxes affordable for self-employed people, freelancers, contractors, and sole traders. We’ve talked with self-employed people for hundreds of hours (and we drank a lot of coffee together with you). We learnt that every third…

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What the Tax #3: GST

What The Tax? #3: GST GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a 15% tax added to the price of most goods and services. If you’re GST registered, you can get back the GST you pay on goods and services you purchase for your business. You’ll also have to charge GST on the goods and services…

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What The Tax? #2: Financial Year-End Tax Tips

What The Tax? #2: Financial Year-End Tax Tips 31st of March is just around the corner – but what does it mean for Kiwis who are in business? Bosspac looks at a few things that self-employed people like you have done before the end of the financial year to help minimise your next tax bill.…

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Will You Love Being Self-Employed?

❤ being self-employed It’s Valentine’s Day and we at Bosspac think that in addition to having friends and family to share beautiful moments with, it’s also important to love the work you are doing. That’s why we asked people who are their own bosses what they love the most about being self-employed. Here’s what they had to say. Are you…

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What The Tax? #1: Income Tax

What The Tax? #1: Income Tax   Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Terminal Tax, Goods and Services Tax… It’s easy to get lost and confused with all the names. In this article, we will have a closer look at the Income Tax.  What is the income tax? Income Tax is the tax that you pay on…

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Sleep Well #2: Know Your Dates

Sleep Well #2: Know Your Dates With the holiday season approaching and the beautiful sunny weather outside, you also might want to enjoy it all to its fullest. Your social calendar could be full of exciting events and parties, and some important business dates just might slip unnoticed… especially if it’s one of your first…

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Contractor or employee? What’s the difference?

Contractor or employee? What’s the difference? Whether you are transitioning from being an employee to a contracting position in New Zealand, or just want to know what’s the difference between the two, this article will help you understand the main differences. Flexibility Employees usually have set times and days to be at work. Self-employed people…

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Sleep Well #1: Have I Chosen the Right Business Structure?

Sleep Well #1: Have I Chosen the Right Business Structure? In the “Sleep Well” series, Bosspac talks with self-employed people from New Zealand about the important decisions they had to make when starting and growing their business. We spoke to 6 self-employed people who explained their reasons for choosing to operate under a sole trader or company…

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My First Steps in the Business World | Part 1

My First Steps in the Business World | Part 1 In the “My first steps in the business world” series, Bosspac talks with self-employed people about what it is like to be your own boss. We spoke to Liva from LivaSews who is a self-employed stay at home mum raising two kids and has turned her hobby into…

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Exploring the Arts Industry; Due Diligence

Exploring the Arts Industry; Due Diligence All R9 Accelerator teams have just finished their official Due Diligence period with government agencies, with roughly half of the teams moving to new premises and continuing work on their opportunities. We will miss our home at Plimmer Towers where we were based since March!  We’ve received an amazing…

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Bosspac in the middle of the Due Diligence phase

Bosspac in the middle of the Due Diligence phase Bosspac has been busy after the Demo Day! We are working with a number of organisations and awesome people to support us and make the project a reality! We are in the middle of the Due Diligence period and it runs until the end of July.…

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Demo Day

Demo Day Demo day! We prepared for this day for 14 weeks and we are 100% sure that we are ready. The morning started with a rehearsal and just getting used to microphones and everything. Then we had a quick lunch break and then the show can start. Our microphones are set up, the clock…

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Week 14 – Week of the Demo day

Week 14 – Week of the Demo day Despite the fact that Monday was Queen’s birthday all of the teams were in the office. An investment duo from Silicon Valley were in the town and we were pitching our solutions to them. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from Steve Meller and Larry…

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Week 13 – Polishing that pitch

Week 13 – Polishing that pitch Week 13 flew so quickly and we are only 4 days away from our Demo Day! Our Bosspac’s T-shirts have been printed and the final slides for the Demo Day pitch have been submitted. We are excited to see what Demo Day brings! This week we had 2 Dragon’s…

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Week 12 – How quick can you make it?

Week 12 – How quick can you make it? It’s week 12 in the R9 Accelerator and it’s been an exciting journey for Bosspac! We did our next iteration of prototyping sessions with self-employed people. It’s been a great experience, because they ask us to make our solution available in the next couple of months.…

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Week 11 – Almost there…

Week 11 – Almost there… It’s week 11 in the R9 Accelerator and we are only 2.5 weeks away from our final presentations. Exciting! This week R9 Accelerator teams were invited to attend Fintech Accelerator pitches. It was great to see what the teams have done in the same period of time, what challenges they…

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Week 10 – We want to be part of this

Week 10 – We want to be part of this Bosspac has just finished another busy week in the accelerator and now is only 3.5 weeks away from the final Demo Day. This week we had Small Business Minister Jacqui Dean visiting our space at R9 Accelerator. It was nice to have a quick chat…

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Week 8 – Half-way there

Week 8 – Half-way there Week 8 flew and we didn’t notice how quickly the days disappeared (is it because of the third short week in a row?). The short week allowed Bosspac to finish the third iteration of the prototype that lets people click through it and interact with it on a completely different…

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Week 7 – Reward your pleasure centres

Week 7 – Reward your pleasure centres Week number 7 at R9 Accelerator has been very exciting for team Bosspac and we also celebrated the mid-point in the programme. We had our second mentor speed dating event where Bosspac and other teams met with 8 experienced mentors. They challenged our team with a few harder…

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Week 6 – Time to design

Week 6 – Time to design This week’s working part was precisely 1/5th shorter and therefore we had to be quicker by 20%. Effective team workshop on Monday definitely helped to prepare us for it. We had a talk from our sponsors who shared how powerful data analytics, AI and machine learning can be. It’s…

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Week 5 – New financial year!

Week 5 – New financial year! This week’s highlight was pitch-practice when we had a Meet and Experience event and government agencies visited us at our Plimmer Towers premises. Some of the teams (including us) got asked some uncomfortable questions and it was a good practice to prepare us better for the final presentation on…

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Week 4 – Feel the pain

Week 4 – Feel the pain This week started with the first networking event with our potential mentors. We were having 8-minute chat with some of the mentors and once the time was up, the mentor moved to the next team. We are very excited to talk with experienced business people and professionals to learn…

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Week 3 – Welcome to government

Week 3 – Welcome to government On the week 2, we were introduced to our second government navigator. She is doing an amazing job. Initially, we couldn’t almost keep up to the speed with all the new people that we had a chance to meet. We were setting up the meetings with various stakeholders in…

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Week 2 – Hello reality

Week 2 – Hello reality This was a very powerful week. We have finally started to explore the world of self-employed people. The first part of the week was a bit slower, but soon the speed started to kick in. We received an information pack from MBIE about our opportunity, got to know our contact…

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Week 1 – Back to the uni!

Week 1 – Back to the uni! Team Bosspac has started its journey through the R9 accelerator. From time to time we will put some notes about our team’s success in a form of a blog post. 19 different activities and sessions in the first 5 days. It is a powerful start. We listened about…

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