A headache-free way to manage income, expenses, tax & ACC for the self-employed

Tax returns, invoices, tax, GST and more. Make your life easier with Bosspac!

Made for the self-employed

Forget about complicated accounting jargon – we’ll talk with you in simple human language.

No experience? No worries!

First time contracting? We know what it’s like. We’ll guide you through all the basics that you need to know and do.

Everything you need in one place

Tired of browsing dozens of website to find answers about your business obligations? We’ve done it for you.

Tax and compliance made easy.

Bosspac does all the recordkeeping for you, minimizing tax payments by claiming business expenses. Tax & GST returns are filled out before they are due, saving a lot of stress and time.


Pay less in taxes.

Last financial year, Bosspac helped to save on average a whopping $2,557 per customer in tax, by claiming business expenses in IR3 tax return.

Keep the cash flowing.

Bosspac makes it easy to raise invoices and stay on top of customer payments.

You’ll always know what to expect.

Real-time calculations and due dates give clear insight into how much tax, ACC levies, and student loan repayments are owed to the government, helping to plan for the future.

Pricing Plans


Prices are in NZD excluding GST.

Cancel anytime, we don’t lock you in.

Use from your web browser. No installation required and updates happen automatically.

Live chat support from New Zealand.

What our customers say

“Bosspac is amazing I can tell you from my experience, so simple to use and very clear.”

– Nicole, Bosspac customer

“Bosspac helps me stay on top of my taxes & lets me focus on the work I was meant to do.”

– Neal, Bosspac customer

“Just signed on to Bosspac and it seems nice and easy.”

– Vivian, Bosspac customer

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Available now for sole traders.
Accountants and bookkeepers edition coming soon.

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